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SoftWash® – Invest in innovation that delivers the leading-edge cleaning business of tomorrow. Today

SoftWash®. Better for customers. Better for business.

The shortest path to the right answer starts with the right question. Every business is different but SoftWash® is the answer to so many operational questions when it comes to improving results. So if it’s a question of trying to grow revenue, cutting your costs, creating an Eco-friendly brand image, increasing customer satisfaction or simply finding a better way to get work done, SoftWash® wet cleaning is your perfect business solution.


Cleaning results

  • First-class fabric care
  • Smaller, faster loads for maximum productivity
  • Optimised mechanical cleaning action
  • Optimum spin extraction
  • Colour restoration
  • Texture restoration
  • Excellent oil stain removal in the machine
  • Suitable for all of dry-cleanable fabrics
With Equipment, Training,
Marketing Tools and Finance
Solutions*, SoftWash®
really measures up

Talk to us today about your bright
new cleaning business

With SoftWash® helping you meet the quality of service and demand for innovation and performance that your customers expect, we are well‑placed to help you take your business to the next level.

We completely understand the challenges you face, day-to-day, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you with support and advice about how to implement the optimal wet cleaning, dry-to-dry and conventional laundry combination to suit your business. Working alongside you with support, maintenance and training packages, we are just as focused as you are on helping you perform at your peak. Please contact one of our representatives today to arrange a full demonstration and discover how switching over to SoftWash® boosts your business and ensures wet cleaning for a brighter tomorrow.