Primus SoftWash

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Why SoftWash

Be the high performance cleaning
business of tomorrow – today

Imagine, for a moment, if this was your business: You no longer use costly and toxic chemicals in your cleaning process. The range of fabrics you can work on, including delicates, has increased. You still work the same way, only now more efficiently. And most importantly, your energy and water use are both down – so you are now more profitable. This is a picture of how your operation could be.

Revolutionary dry-to-dry cleaning process

Process time as fast as solvent

Removes oil stains

A gentle clean that
keeps clothes fresher
for longer

There are real savings up to 20%-30%

There are real savings for your business, with up to 20%-30% cost reduction per kilo/2.2lb of textiles cleaned; because of lower water consumption, lower electricity and optimal detergent dosage for the best results (mening less finishing time) – compared with regular wet cleaning technologies.

Extreme in innovation

SoftWash® is a fast dry-to-dry wet cleaning solution process. The whole process – cleaning, drying and finishing – takes only one hour. It’s a quick process – and the benefits to your business will be swift too.

You can expect much shorter load processing times – up to 24 minutes – and you can load the machine, up to 50% for wool and up to 65% for mixed fibre capacity.


Silks keep their
shape and colour

Regular wet cleaning vs. SoftWash®

These two technologies are not the same. With regular wet cleaning the spotting time is longer to remove oil stains, there’s an increased risk of shrinkage and wrinkling and you cannot dry the garment completely in the dryer. The finishing time is also longer.

SoftWash® dry-to-dry process advantages

  • superior oil stain removal
  • minimal wrinkling
  • efficient pre-spotting for fat stains
  • no need to hang garments (saving valuable space)
  • just as fast as a typical dry cleaning process

Natural and safe cleaning

No air or water pollution – the process only uses water and biodegradable detergents.

Safe for people – no adverse health affects on either operators or customers.

Safe for all garments: you can clean any garment with SoftWash®.

Compliant to any sustainable standards.

Ideal for cleaning special items like children’s and baby clothing.

This is because it uses the earth’s most natural solvent, water, and uses it sparingly.

No usage restrictions compared with perc

No health risk for customer and operators

Non-flammable detergents