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SoftWash® is complete solution to drive your business growth

SoftWash® helps you continue to deliver first-class quality, service and performance


SoftWash®. Everything you need for a bright new cleaning business.

Cares for the most
delicate and precious

The switchover is simple.
Every aspect is taken care of for you

As you can see from the diagram shown at the top, when you switchover to SoftWash® you receive a complete solution. Every aspect is already considered and arranged for you so that you can simply focus on running your profitable business.

We’ll customise a package that includes:

  • all the products you’ll need
  • even providing a financing solution should you require it
  • we will make sure you get full after sales support and assistance
  • on top of it our special 3+2 year warranty on all of your SoftWash® equipment

So what’s the ideal SoftWash®
set up for your business?


*HP is the Heat Pump Dryer version

A powerful, dedicated range

The SPS10 Washer Extractor

This compact, versatile machine is totally freestanding and is highly recommended for businesses wanting to offer customers the advantage of being able to handle wet cleaning for delicate items such as ties and silk dresses, or just a few items at a time. It’s best for small capacity requirements.

The RX Range

Hard-mounted, this washer range is for loads up to 28kg/61.7lb. Ideal for tight budgets and low investment.

The FX Range

This easy to use range of soft-mounted industrial washers gives you full flexibility with regard to installation and is ideal for bigger daily productivity demands. Load capacity is up to 28kg/61.7lb. Eco 3 wash technology features include 15% less water consumption, 25% less residual moisture and 20% less energy consumption than a traditional FX laundry washer.

The Dryer Range

For load capacities up to 28kg/61.7lb, these dedicated Dryers have humidity control to ensure the best-possible finish. The Heat Pump (HP) Dryer (range from 9kg/19.8lb to 16kg/35.3lb) version also reduces your electricity costs by up to 60% when compared with traditional dryers.



Because finishing quality
is key, we help you iron
out the details

Some thought starters
about Finishing Equipment

The way you finish each job reflects your overall approach to providing a quality service for your customers. Choosing the right equipment can also help you reduce wage costs by achieving the results you need more efficiently. Our experienced team would be happy to recommend the right spotting, ironing, form finishing, topper and press to suit your business needs. We can also put you in touch with preferred partner suppliers if you would find the introduction useful.

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